5 Ways to Eat More Fresh Produce

Published on October 6, 2016

When constipated, not everyone wants to turn to laxative tablets as their first remedy for constipation treatment. However, laxatives can provide effective relief of constipation and are the first choice for some. The good news is that you may be able to get constipation relief by increasing your fresh produce consumption.

Many people are surprised to find out common causes of constipation involve the food they choose to eat and an unbalanced diet. Finding the right foods that are both nutritious and help prevent constipation is the key to keeping both your digestive system and entire body healthy. Fresh produce can be the answer.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is a simple thing you can do to stay healthy and regular. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with essential disease fighting antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and gut-healthy fibre. You can eat them cooked, raw, baked, poached, grated, mashed, chopped, sliced or diced, making them highly versatile.

With that said, what are some ways you can get your family to eat more fresh produce?

Fresh Produce and Relieving Constipation

1. Start Early
Begin your day eating produce in order to get your recommended daily five servings of fruits and vegetables. You can add bananas to your morning cereal, vegetables to your omelette, or berries to your yoghurt.
2. Don’t Hide the Fruit
To get everyone in your family to eat fresh produce, ensure the fruits and veggies are always visible. You can pack carrot sticks in your child’s lunch bag or set out some fruit in a bowl in your kitchen. Always have them ready to eat and in plain sight. If you have to, prepare them in advance.
3. Eat With your Eyes
When you see beautiful food, it just makes you want to eat it. Fruit and vegetables come in a lot of textures and beautiful colours. All you have to do is buy them, prepare them, and arrange them creatively.
4. Freeze and Use Them with your Left Overs
Freeze up any produce left over and use them another day with your other food left overs. You can add frozen vegetables to any type of left over for a portable, quick lunch. You can also add leftover salad to your lunch sandwich.
5. Drink your Vegetables and Fruits
This is a great way to add in that serving or two of fresh produce.  Purchase a blender and get creative with many popular smoothie recipes that contain fruit and veggies that you can drink on the go. Blended spinach, kale, pear and mango are popular choices!

When trying to figure out how to relieve constipation, or if you are just looking to get healthy, it is all in your dietary choices. By making adequate changes in your diet, you can reduce your chances of constipation greatly and this means adding fresh produce to your meal choices. Following the five tips above is a great way to start doing that.

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