Are Bananas A Cure Or Cause Of Constipation?

Published on July 19, 2016

Are bananas a cure or cause of constipation? Bananas, when it comes to constipation, actually have a dual effect. Therefore, the answer is astonishingly that bananas can be both a cure and a cause of constipation. Some people think bananas trigger constipation whilst others eat them frequently as a natural remedy of constipation treatment. There are many reasons for the confusion.

First, keep in mind that bananas are the number-one selling product in Australia’s supermarkets and outsell not just all fruits and vegetables, but all other supermarket products. In fact, there are over five million bananas eaten each day in Australia and 28.6 million 13kg cartons of bananas being produced. That’s 372,000 tonnes.

That’s a lot of bananas. So where is the confusion coming from?

Banana Colour

Bananas are a constipation treatment food when they are very ripe, yellow and when you eat them in moderation. But, if you eat them when they are unripe and green, they can actually cause constipation.

Good Fibre Source for Constipation

You get as much as 3g of fibre in a medium sized banana equalling about 10 percent of your daily recommended intake of fibre. They can keep your bowels regular and healthy when adding them to your daily diet. Just remember to drink lots of water when you eat bananas and other fibrous foods since too much fibre can also bulk up your stool, making it hard to pass.

Contain Fructooligosaccharide

They contain this carbohydrate which stops bananas from fermenting as they pass your intestinal track. This carbohydrate works like a natural mild laxative promoting natural digestion and prevents constipation when the bananas are ripe.

Contain Pectin

On the flip side, bananas also contain pectin which has a strong binding capability. Eating too many pectin-rich bananas can cause constipation and you may find yourself reaching for the laxative tablets for relief! This can vary from person to person, however.

So, as you see, there is good cause for the confusion of whether bananas act as good constipation relief or are one of the causes of constipation. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straight answer as we all have our individual circumstances and triggers.  If anything, go ahead and eat your bananas since they are very healthy and contain vitamins and fibre. If needed, you can always reach for laxatives or constipation medication for overnight constipation relief.

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