Did you know not all constipation relief products work in the same way?

How does Bisacodyl the active ingredient in Dulcolax tablets work?

When taken at night, Bisacodyl tablets like Dulcolax work in a similar way to our own gastrointestinal body clock when it comes to producing a bowel movement.2

Dulcolax tablets help promote a bowel movement 6-12 hours later, helping provide relief the following morning, like the way a natural bowel movement should occur.3

What makes Dulcolax tablets different?

Dulcolax tablets’ mode of action in the gut is closely related to the dissolution of the tablet. 3 This process can influence the release of the active ingredient from the tablet and helps determine its efficacy or how well it works in the body.4

For example, If Dulcolax tablets were to be released too early at the stomach or small intestine before reaching the colon, they may not have the desired effect you would hope for.5

Dulcolax tablets, have a high-tech 5 layer-enteric coating that helps ensure optimal release.1,6 Each particular layer protects the core ingredient of the tablets.1 Helping prevent the tablets from being dissolved in the stomach and small intestine until it reaches the colon1 so the active ingredient (Bisacodyl) can work precisely in the colon, at the site of constipation. 1

Providing a 3-way benefit by mimicking your natural bowel movement1,2, helping form soft stools and speeding up the frequency of bowel movements’. Dulcolax enteric-coated tablets which contain Bisacodyl are proven to provide sufferers with predictable, overnight constipation relief 7 8 .

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