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DulcoSoft Powder

Works with your body to gently and effectively relieve constipation.
over 8 years 24 to 48 hrs

Dulcolax Tablets

Tablets, for formulated, overnight relief of constipation.

over 6 years 6-12 hours

Dulcolax SP Drops

Drops, for formulated, overnight relief from constipation.

over 4 years 6-12 hours

Dulcolax Suppositories

Suppositories, for formulated, overnight relief of constipation.

over 10 years 20-45 minutes

Dulcogas Sachets

Sachets, formulated for relief from gas & bloating.

over 6 years rapid relief


Dulcolax tablets / Dulcolax SP drops

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Dulcolax suppositories

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DulcoSoft Powder

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