Dulcolax® Suppositories

For fast, predictable relief of constipation from 20 mins

Dulcolax® Laxative Suppositories

Dulcolax® Suppositories target the site of the constipation, providing more immediate relief within 20 to 45 minutes.

  • Stimulates the bowel and helps form soft stools
  • Available in 10 suppositories pack

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Dulcolax® Suppositories

Predictable, fast relief

Dulcolax® laxative suppositories relieve constipation fast.

  • Predictable relief of constipation
  • Comfort-shaped suppository for rectal use only
  • Worlds #1 OTC laxative brand*
  • Produces a bowel movement from 20 - 45 minutes.

Reference: IMS Health Global Sales Analyser Q4 2015, Value & Volume Sales.

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Dulcolax® Suppositories

Dulcolax® Laxative Suppositories can be purchased at pharmacies nationwide.

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How to use

Dulcolax® Suppositories

Active ingredient (in each suppository):
bisacodyl 10 mg

  • For predictable fast relief of constipation
  • This product generally produces bowel movement in 20 - 45 minutes

Dosage - as needed

  • Adults and children over 10 years: One suppository inserted in the rectum.

Use of Dulcolax in children should only be under medical advice.

For rectal use only. Not to be swallowed.

Drink plenty of water.

If symptoms persist seek medical advice

  • For further information refer to enclosed consumer medicine information leaflet
  • If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a healthcare professional before use.


Dulcolax® Suppositories

What time of day should I use Dulcolax® Suppositories?

You may use a Dulcolax® Suppository anytime. It generally produces a bowel movement in 20 - 45 minutes.

How often can I use Dulcolax® Suppositories? Is it safe for daily use?

For short term use only.

How many Dulcolax® Suppositories can I use?

Adults and children over 10 years can use 1 Dulcolax® Suppository a day. Not recommended for use in children under 10 years of age. Please consult a doctor for use in children.

How do I use Dulcolax® Suppositories? What does retain mean?

Remove the suppository from the plastic wrapping and insert the suppository, pointed end first, into the rectum. For best results, you should lie down for 15 to 20 minutes and try to retain the suppository for as long as you can. To retain the suppository means to keep the suppository in the rectum.

Do you need to remove the suppository after it has been inserted?

The Dulcolax® Suppository does not need to be removed after it has been inserted; it works in the rectum within 20 - 45 minutes.

How do Dulcolax® Suppositories work?

Dulcolax® Suppositories contain 10 mg of bisacodyl, which stimulates the muscles in the bowel (intestine) and rectum to promote movement.

How should Dulcolax® Suppositories be used?

Dulcolax® Suppositories are to be inserted rectally. They are not intended for oral or vaginal use.

Should Dulcolax® Suppositories be used on an empty or full stomach?

Dulcolax® Suppositories may be used before or after a meal, however please note, these products are to be used in the rectum and not eaten.

For additional questions regarding usage, side effects, or storage instructions, please refer to the Dulcolax® Suppository carton label, consumer medicine information leaflet enclosed or contact your healthcare professional.